Local Authority Searches

YP Plus Regulated

Council's own LLC1/CON29R

York Place has been providing searches to conveyancers since 1987 and built up a vast bank of experience to streamline the search process. Our website and dedicated Client Services teams make it easy to order searches and you can rely on us to supply results in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Local Land Charges
  • Con29 questions
  • Summary Report
  • Recommended additional searches - eg alerts for coal, limestone etc + nearby planning applications
  • Consumer Guidance
  • Information Accuracy Indemnity
  • Search Code compliant
Feature YP Plus Council LLC1 / CON29R
Local Land Charges
Planning History
Building Control History
Highways adoption
Highway schemes
Traffic schemes
Outstanding notices
Conservation areas
Public Rights of Way
Radon Some councils do not provide
Indemnity £2m cover for purchaser / lender backed by £10m PII
Summary Report
Recommended additional searches
Consumer Guidance
Nationwide pricing available
Optional Chancel Indemnity Cover included Can be included as standard by arrangement Can be added at time of order
Optional Buyer Protect Insurance When ordered from York Place

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