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November 8th, 2018

Digitisation of the Local Land Charges Register

At the start of the year, HM Land Registry were hoping to become the responsible body for a digital local land charges llc register for 9 local authorities over the summer of 2018.

As the year draws to an end it has launched in three areas: Warwick District Council, City of London Corporation, and Liverpool City Council. Blackpool Council is now scheduled to be added to the digital register on the 20th November.

The remaining five local authorities in England and ten others are now scheduled to migrate their llc records on a date to be announced sometime in 2018/2019.

In a statement in September, the Government announced:

“Phase 1 of the new service will be rolled out over the next few months with up to 26 local authorities' local land charges registers transferred to HM Land Registry by March 2019. The timing of future phases has not been decided yet and will be subject to decisions by Ministers. Because of the scale and complexity of the service change, as considered in our Regulatory Impact Assessment, this data migration could take up to 7 years.”

We are probably looking therefore at 2025 before all 326 English local authorities and 22 Welsh councils are transferred. As with any major project, unexpected delays were bound to occur but an element of doubt over the whole scheme seems to have crept into the language. “Subject to decisions by Ministers” has an ominous ring to it. One begins to wonder whether the costs of this governments ambitious project are beginning to mount up. We have no detailed knowledge of the financial situation but it is possible that the income received so far is not meeting original forecasts. There was an expectation that the £15 charge from the Land Registry would be low enough to attract a large number of searches. In fact, as at 12 October only 16% of the total of 4932 searches carried out had been paid for. The rest were carried out by search agents on the free service operated under the environmental information regulations.

At York Place, we offer both Regulated (personal) and LLC1/Con29 (official searches). Our customers will notice little difference with our regulated product. Where we order LLC1/Con29 searches for you, you will receive one complete report but obviously from two different sources. The main difference in our experience so far is that the LLC1 report from the centralised digital Land Registry may reveal search results with charges on neighbouring properties which you may need to check before ruling out as irrelevant. When we carry out a regulated York Place report we automatically filter out irrelevant llc data from the llc search.

Property Search Services

There has been a lot of publicity around this project, as it is meant to make the home buying process simpler and speed up property transactions, some of which is a little misleading. The conveyancing press have highlighted the speed of response from the Land Registry. That is undoubtedly true but largely irrelevant while we still have to wait until the local authority responds to the Con29 enquiries.

We are told that Blackpool will be the next migration. We will await and continue to monitor the situation.

To find out more about York Place conveyancing searches talk to one of our client service teams today for product and service information:

Property Search Information

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