Webinar by the coal authority, the hidden risks of mining

Webinar – Hidden Risks of Mining – 25th Oct, 11am

25th October 11am


Join the Coal Authority as they delve deeper into the hidden risks of mining. The Coal Authority are THE experts at interpreting and reporting on mining risks. They offer a range of added value follow on reports which we thought that all conveyancers would benefit from knowing more about.

The webinar will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the recommended reports required to give you everything you need when interpreting mining risks, bringing the risks to life with one of our real-life case studies.

The reports we'll be discussing during this webinar are;

  • Mine Entry Interpretive Report
  • Mine Entry Plans and Data sheets
  • Subsidence Claims Search
  • Subsidence Claims History
  • Subsidence Claims Buffer
  • Surface Hazard Incident Report
  • Mine Gas Emissions Report
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Webinar – Hidden Risks of Mining – 25th Oct, 11am


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